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{February 4, 2009}   “Gives You Hell” Radio

With an eager feeling in my chest, I wipe the crust out of my eyes to open my laptop and decide what song I’m going to hear to get my day started off right. So, with my pointer finger on deck I scroll up my Pandora Radio Station list to meet the song selection of the day.

Generally, I’m in an R&B, “Smooth Operator” mood, but as of late I think I’ve been clinging to a new, sassy side of myself that’s always been there but I never took the time to enjoy. And that’s when I scroll up to “Gives You Hell” Radio.

I know. My friends are probably thinking “innocent girl gone punk,” but no, this is simply a further representation of my well-rounded evolution.

You see, I find it interesting that I enjoy this song by the All-American Rejects so much because it represents the great paradox that I’ve become since I entered college. Happy girl gone wild, or rather, nice girl able to catch an attitude for a change; I’m happy to break free of the strict “perfect” lifestyle that I was living before I came to college. And so it gives me great pleasure that I’m not predictable and can keep people guessing.

So the moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to genuinely be who you are. There is plenty of time in life for people to create the “you” that they want you to be. Take life into your own hands and mold it into completely who you want to be. 

And, you know what?  I know that most people try to avoid getting Hell, but maybe it’s the things that we try to avoid that make us better people. Who knows, without the Hell how could we ever enjoy the good?

Your Socially Acceptable Friend,



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