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{February 12, 2009}   A Storm For Freedom

You want to know how to achieve freedom? I’ll tell you how, but through a story of course: 

I listened to the restricting phone message in the school parking lot at the start of tornado season. Both coincidentally, and symbolically, soon afterward whirls of debris would be scattering through the sky, breaking the peace that was a pleasantly warm afternoon.

Earlier in the day my internship coordinator called on me to come into the newsroom to help answer phone calls during the evening tornado storms.

As an intern wanting to make my way into the broadcasting industry I jump at the opportunity to prove my skill to the station by showing that I’m one of the most dedicated workers they have – all with the hopes of getting a job one day. Who would head out in tornado-raging storm weather for nothing?

So, moments before I head to my car to join the people who keep our citizens safe and informed, my mother calls. Being a tad bit overly-worried, my mother’s phone calls naturally carry the sense of a loss of freedom into the air waves. She tells me not to go to my internship, but rather to stay put nice and safe in my dorm.

And what’s my response?

Nothing. I say okay… I say okay.

I know! Depressing, right? Here I am a twenty-year-old woman who can’t even decide whether I’m going to work or not on my own.

So, here’s the point: how does anyone gain the freedom needed to survive in this world with overly-protective, overly-controlling, overly-anything parents?!?

Here’s the answer. Speak up! You absolutely have to! If you don’t, your parents will continue to place a zip tie over your torso, and reel you into their world – later moving you back into your teenage bedroom.

In the insightful words of Jet, “give me back my point of view, ’cause I just can’t think for you.” Friends, your parents will always want to live their lives through you, but both you and they have to realize that they can’t insert their “point of view” into your life. Live! It’s okay to break free from your parents. They loved you before…and unless you do something terribly drastic (but even if you did) I’m sure they’ll continue to love you after.

In Confidence,



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